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Alerts & Changes

Alerts and Changes provide information about notices or changes to import conditions. You can keep informed with these notices by following individual import cases.

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Update to offshore purity testing certification requirements for Cannabis seed for sowing

Effective from 29 September 2022
This notice is to advise stakeholders of a change to the department’s certification requirements for Cannabis seed for sowing that is undergoing sampling and purity testing offshore. Currently, all cannabis seed for sowing being imported to Australia ...
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Separation of Mexico and Peru Asparagus pathway in BICON

Effective from 23 September 2022
Import conditions have been published on BICON for the importation of fresh asparagus from Mexico and Peru. The pathway for fresh asparagus for human consumption grown in Mexico or Peru has been divided into separate pathways. The conditions for asp...
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Updated questionnaires for Human therapeutics and medicines

Effective from 22 September 2022
The department has made changes to the Human therapeutics and medicines BICON case, as detailed below: The questionnaires for human therapeutics in the following pathways have been updated with the new department name, along with an additional optio...
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Changes to onshore procedures of Cane and rattan articles

Effective from 20 September 2022
The “Cane and rattan articles” BICON case has been updated to remove the verification inspection from pathways where onshore treatment has been elected by the client/importer. Where importers elect to treat goods onshore, the goods will no longer be s...
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Addition of species to the Plant species requiring further assessment case

Effective from 20 September 2022
Olearia virgata, Olsynium philippii, Ranunculus crenatus, Ranunculus creticus and Ranunculus gouanii have been added to the ‘Plant species requiring further assessment’ BICON case and are therefore not permitted entry into Australian territory. Who ...
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Addition of species to the Plant species assessed as a weed case

Effective from 20 September 2022
The department has completed a Weed Risk Assessment of the species Oenothera rhombipetela, Ranunuclus rufosepalus, Ranunculus scutatus and Ranunculus thora. It was determined that these species pose an unacceptable weed risk to Australia; and are there...
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Removal of open quarantine requirements for imported high-risk nursery stock

Effective from 17 September 2022
Effective immediately, the open quarantine requirements associated with post-entry quarantine (PEQ) disease screening for imported high-risk nursery stock has been removed. This change impacts the import conditions for the following genera imported a...
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New Australian ISTA laboratory approved for seed purity testing: AgEtal Pty Ltd

Effective from 16 September 2022
The department has approved a new laboratory, AgEtal Pty Ltd located in Queensland, to perform seed purity analysis on seed that has been imported into Australia. The list of in Australia has been updated to include the following laboratory: Testi...
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Information notice for Giant taro (Alocasia macrorrhiza) for human consumption

Effective from 12 September 2022
The department has updated the fresh, frozen, dried and powdered giant taro case to include a warning and information notice to ensure that importers and brokers are aware of the prohibited plants and fungi listed under Schedule 23 in the Australia New...
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Changes to the import conditions for personal consignments of specified meat products

Effective from 7 September 2022
Amendments to the Biosecurity (Conditionally Non-Prohibited Goods) Determination 2021 have been made as part of Australia’s response to Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD). These amendments relate to the import of personal consignments of specified meat prod...
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