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Health certification requirements for the importation of live zebra fish (Danio rerio) or their ova

Effective 14 July 2015 to 27 November 2018

NOTE: Veterinary certificates are negotiated directly between relevant government authorities. In cases where a veterinary certificate has not been negotiated, this annex can be used as the basis for developing a suitable document.

  1. The animals for export have been bred and housed for their lifetime in premises that are part of a bona fide scientific institution (usually as evidenced by the existence of an Animal Ethics Committee or equivalent arrangement within the organisation).

  2. There have been no additions to the research fish facility except from other bona fide scientific institutions in the last 6 months.

  3. The fish for export, or the fish from which the ova for export were derived, were inspected by the person in charge of the source facility within 21 days prior to export and were found to be free of visible signs of disease and parasites.

  4. There has been no significant disease occurrences or parasite infestation in the fish held in the export facility during the 6 months prior to export.

  5. The fish have not been kept in water in common with farmed food fish (fish farmed for human consumption including recreational fishing) or koi carp.

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