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External Rationale

Rationale: Sudden oak death departmental fact sheet

Effective 25 April 2020

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has finalised ‘the review of policy for the importation of Phytophthora ramorum host propagative material into Australia'. The introduction of Phytophthora species into Australian territory would have significant economic consequences. Phytophthora ramorum is one of the most destructive pathogens of oak and a range of other host plants with substantial commercial value. If introduced, this species will cause plant death and increase the cost of production due to its regulatory impact. The department has therefore conducted an analysis of the scientific literature to review the appropriateness of the existing policy for the importation of host propagative material. The review recommends that, not only Phytophthora ramorum be regulated, but also P. kernoviae, P. nemorosa and P. pseudosyringae. These Phytophthora species share a similar host range, geographic range and cause symptoms indistinguishable from those of P. ramorum. The review of policy is available on the department's website.

Further information about Sudden oak death is available on the Plant Health Australia website and the department's Top 40 plant pests and diseases page.

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