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Requirement: Medium risk nursery stock of biosecurity concern

Effective 8 August 2019

Tissue cultures not meeting import requirements must be:

  1. deflasked and grown in a quarantine approved post-entry quarantine facility (provided inspection of the plantlets is possible and no obvious pest and disease symptoms are present) for a minimum of 3 months with two disease inspections, or

  2. exported or disposed of at the importers expense.

If live insects are detected in the tissue culture containers/bags, the cultures shall be rejected and the importer given the option of export or disposal at their expense.

Infected cultures:

Infected cultures are not to be released. All consignments containing infected cultures must be handled as follows:

  1. In situations where it is possible to identify that only a certain line/lot or a variety appears to contain infected cultures, then those lines/lots or varieties not containing infected cultures may be released from biosecurity control.

  2. The importer must be notified that the consignment is infected and given the option to export or dispose of the goods, or have the infection immediately risk assessed by the biosecurity plant pathologist at their expense.

  3. Where the importer elects to have the infection risk assessed by the plant pathologist procedures below are to be followed:

Samples of cultures with contaminated media must be immediately referred to the plant pathologist for assessment.

If the plant pathologist assesses the contamination as low biosecurity risk, all uninfected cultures may be released and the remaining infected cultures are to be:

  1. exported or disposed of at the importers expense, or

  2. deflasked and grown in an approved post-entry quarantine facility for 3 months with two disease inspections.

The importer is responsible for making all arrangements for the post entry quarantine growth of plants and ensuring that adequate space is available, prior to any movements.

If the plant pathologist deems the contamination to be of biosecurity concern or it cannot be identified in an appropriate timeframe all affected lines are to be exported or disposed of at the importers expense.

Samples of cultures with disease symptoms on plants must be immediately referred to the plant pathologist for assessment and advice on the action to be taken.

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