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New permitted species under the ‘Mushrooms for human consumption’ case

Effective from 4 June 2024

The following updates have been made in the ‘Mushrooms for human consumption’ BICON case:

As a result, Macrolepiota albuminosa (Syn. Termitomyces albuminosus), Tylopilus felleus, and Lignosus rhinoceros (syn. Polyporus rhinocerus may be permitted entry into Australian territory subject to the import conditions under the ‘Mushroom for human consumption’ BICON case.

These changes do not include any updates to the import conditions for restricted medicinal species.

Who does this notice affect:
Importers and brokers of dried, fresh and frozen mushrooms for human consumption and department staff.

Further information:
Please contact Plant Import Operations on 1800 900 090 (option 1, option 1) or email (with the subject line of the email ‘Plant T2’).

This Change applies to the following Cases: