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Changes provide information about amendments to import conditions. Keep informed of changes by following individual import cases.

Rice for human consumption or processing

Effective from 30 September 2021

The department has reviewed the import conditions for parboiled rice from all countries and made the following changes:

Who does this notice affect:
Biosecurity officers, importers of parboiled rice and other stakeholders.

Import permits:
Permit holders for parboiled husked/coloured rice have been notified that an import permit is no longer required and that their permits will be revoked or varied after 30 September 2021.

Parboiled rice is husked or milled rice that has been soaked in water and subjected to a heat treatment so that the starch is fully gelatinized, followed by a drying process.

The department has determined that this process is sufficient to mitigate the seedborne disease risks associated with viable forms of rice imported for human consumption.

ISPM No. 32 Categorization of commodities according to their pest risk recognises parboiled rice as a commodity that should not require phytosanitary measures with respect to pests that may have been present in the commodity prior to processing.

Further information:
Please contact Plant Import Operations on 1800 900 090 or emailĀ .

This Change applies to the following Cases:

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