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Changes provide information about amendments to import conditions. Keep informed of changes by following individual import cases.

Addition of Peat with or without additives onto the Compliance-Based Intervention Scheme (CBIS)

Effective from 4 August 2021

The department is incorporating Sphagnum peat and peat with and without additives from countries free of foot and mouth disease (FMD) onto the Compliance-Based Intervention Scheme (CBIS).

*Peat is defined as the material that accumulates in the lower levels of a peat bog.

The changes will enable Sphagnum peat and peat with/without additives to operate under the Compliance-Based Intervention Scheme (CBIS). The scheme rewards importers who demonstrate consistent compliance with Australia’s biosecurity requirements with risk-based inspection rates, so instead of 100% of lines being referred in each time for an inspection, only a proportion of lines that have qualified for CBIS will be referred in for inspection.

The changes will require you to lodge eligible commodities with an AQIS Commodity Code (ACC) in the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) or your third-party software. Where an ACC is required, this will be specified within the relevant BICON case. The relevant ACC for peat consignments and the relevant tariff code is:

The following products are not eligible for CBIS:

Please note that if you do not lodge consignments with the appropriate tariff and ACC code then your entry/lines will be ineligible for any benefits that the CBIS program has to offer.

More information on CBIS, including the risk-based intervention rates can be found on the departments CBIS webpage .

Who does this notice affect:
Importers of Sphagnum peat and peat with and without additives from countries free of foot and mouth disease (FMD) and Pathway Operations Cargo - Assessment and Air/Sea Cargo Inspections.

Further information:
For further information please contact Plant Import Operations (Tier 2-CBIS) on 1800 900 090 or email

This Change applies to the following Cases:

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