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Changes provide information about amendments to import conditions. Keep informed of changes by following individual import cases.

Changes to fumigation certificate requirements

Effective from 2 August 2021

On 2 August 2021, changes were made to the BICON cases listed below to align with requirements outlined in the new Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy . These changes will ensure clarity of requirements and consistency with assessment. In these BICON cases, the requirements for both methyl bromide and sulfuryl fluoride treatment certificates will be amended to include the requirement for the following statement* on the certificate:

The target of the fumigation conforms to the plastic wrapping, impervious surface and timber thickness requirements at the time of fumigation"

*the timber thickness component of the statement only applies to fumigations where timber products are the target commodity.

By making this declaration, the fumigator responsible will be declaring that these details are true and correct, and that the fumigation has been carried out in accordance with all the requirements in the department’s Methyl bromide fumigation methodology or Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation methodology.

This statement is only required for fumigation treatment certificates. Phytosanitary certificates for fumigation do not require this statement.

This statement will be required on all fumigation treatment certificates for goods treated on and after 2 August 2021. Fumigation treatment certificates for goods treated after 2 August that do not have the above additional statement will be assessed as not meeting import conditions and normal onshore processes will be followed for these goods to mitigate biosecurity risk.

The fumigation methodologies can be found in this link: Methodologies and documents for biosecurity treatments

This change has been applied to the following BICON cases:

Who does this notice affect:
Assessment Services Group, Inspections Group, Importers and Brokers.

Upcoming updates to the Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy communicated on 3/07/2021 ( IIAN ) and 13/07/2021 ( IIAN ) will require that all offshore methyl bromide or sulfuryl fluoride fumigations are to be performed according to the department’s fumigation methodologies and that compliance with this requirement needs to be indicated on treatment certificates. Treatment certificates will require:

In 2019, the department initiated a review of the Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy. The policy was reviewed to ensure it reflected current business practices, legislative requirements and that it was sufficient to address emerging biosecurity risks. The review was conducted in consultation with industry and has resulted in a number of amendments being made to the policy.

Visit Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy to view:

To assist clients in meeting the revised requirements of the policy, we have also updated our Acceptable documentation templates webpage. The templates are now available to be downloaded and can be adapted to meet individual company/consignment requirements.

Further information:
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This Change applies to the following Cases:

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