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Changes provide information about amendments to import conditions. Keep informed of changes by following individual import cases.

Raw seed for human consumption

Effective from 19 January 2021

All Juglans species have been removed from the ‘Raw seed for human consumption’ case. This means that Juglans imported for human consumption will need to meet the import conditions outlined in the ‘Raw nuts for human consumption’ case.

This change was made as the raw nut import conditions are considered to be appropriate to manage the biosecurity risks associated with these species.

Juglans ailantifolia

Juglans aquatica

Juglans californica var. hindsii

Juglans cathayensis

Juglans cathayensis var. formosana

Juglans cinerea

Juglans coarctata

Juglans colombiensis

Juglans columbiensis

Juglans cordiformis

Juglans duclouxiana

Juglans fallax

Juglans glabra

Juglans hindsii

Juglans hindsii x regia

Juglans honorei

Juglans illinoinensis

Juglans kamaonica

Juglans laciniosa

Juglans lavallei

Juglans mandshurica

Juglans mandshurica var. sieboldiana

Juglans microcarpa

Juglans microcarpa var. microcarpa

Juglans neotropica

Juglans nigra

Juglans oliviformis

Juglans orientis

Juglans ovata

Juglans paradox

Juglans paradoxa

Juglans pecan

Juglans pyriformis

Juglans regia

Juglans regia subsp. kamaonica

Juglans regia var. orientis

Juglans regia var. sinensis

Juglans rupestris

Juglans sieboldiana

Juglans sigillata

Juglans sinensis

Juglans subcordiformis

Juglans subrupestris

Juglans x bixbyi

Juglans x intermedia

Juglans x intermedia var. pyriformis

Juglans x intermedia var. vilmoreana

No other changes have been made to the import conditions for the Raw seed for human consumption.

These changes are being implemented as an outcome of the review of import conditions under the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. This project aimed to strengthen biosecurity surveillance and analysis, by ensuring that import conditions are fit-for-purpose and consistent.

Who does this notice affect:
Importers of Raw seed for human consumption, customs brokers and departmental staff.

Further information:
Contact Plant Import Operations at or phone 1800 900 090.

This Change applies to the following Cases:

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