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Changes provide information about amendments to import conditions. Keep informed of changes by following individual import cases.

Returning Australian products

Effective from 3 September 2020

The case description has been amended to clarify which products are considered 'Returning Australian Products', and to include goods that have been shipped between Australian ports but have exited Australian territory in transit.

Pathways for the return of the plant products 'Nursery stock', 'Fertilisers, soil conditioners and growing media', 'Animal feed, ingredients, additives and commodities that will be downgraded for use in animal feed' and 'Other than listed' have been added to the case, along with import conditions for these pathways.

Who does this notice affect:

Australian exporters/importers of plant, animal and microbial products, Assessment Services Group and Inspections Group.


These changes follow on from a review of the Returning Australian Products case, and from feedback from exporters/importers and Assessment Services Group and Inspections Group.

Further information:

Please contact Plant Import Operations on 1800 900 090 or email

This Change applies to the following Cases:

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