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Table of Highly Processed Wooden Articles

Effective 30 September 2017 to 17 January 2018

The following articles, and parts thereof, are considered to be Highly Processed Wooden Articles.


Balsa wood and Balsa wood articles

Blocks, sticks and tank staves used for alcohol production

Book and album covers, wall plaques, trophy stands

Bracelets and items worn as jewellery

Brushes (import conditions for materials other than wood must also be met)


Clothing related - including clothes hangers, shoe stretchers and trees and cedar balls

Commercially made stringed instruments

Craft related items including popsicle sticks; knitting needles; quilting hoops; crotchet hooks; buttons, beads and balls

Display stands and easels

Dowling - including dowling in manufactured articles

Engineered flooring that is ready for installation

Imitation jewellery

Kitchen items including plates, bowls, pot/pan handles, lids, handheld utensils, knife blocks and boards for the preparation or service of food, (including the case these items are packed in)

Laminated flooring that is ready for installation

MDF items containing no solid timber

Medical instruments

Mobile phone cases

New sporting goods

Pencils and pens (excludes pencils/pens containing bark)

Picture frames including framing for canvases

Plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and veneer sheets (excluding these goods imported as break-bulk from New Zealand during BPL season)

Plywood articles containing no solid timber

Reconstituted wood products containing no solid timber

Reeds for musical instruments

Religious items including collection salvers, crosses and offertory bowls

Shelving and other items used in electric appliances (e.g. wine racks)


Speakers and sound equipment

Stationery and handheld office/school supplies e.g. staplers, rulers and clipboards

Thin wooden articles of any length and less than 4mm in height and width

Timber and rattan sticks used in oil/perfume diffusers and candles

Toilet seats

Tool and brush/broom handles



Toys, board games and teaching aids


Veneer articles containing no solid timber


Window dressings including venetian blinds; curtain rods, rings and shutters

Wooden barrels for alcohol production excluding barrels containing chestnut bark hoops

Wooden cheese boxes

Wooden cutlery, chopsticks, and food serving utensils

Wooden decorative boxes used for bottles of wine and other alcohol

Wooden musical instruments and articles used to play musical instruments (excluding those containing bark but including piano stools)

Wooden nail files

Wooden sticks and decorative boxes used in confectionary

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