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Non-salmonoid finfish high-risk species (specified species)

Effective 6 October 2017 to 11 December 2018

Non-salmonid finfish sourced from all countries other than New Zealand:

The product may only be imported head-off, de-gilled and eviscerated (gutted).

All species of farmed finfish (i.e. fish that are grown and harvested in an aquaculture system)

All species in the Family Aulorhynchidae

All species in the Family Embiotocidae

All species in the Family Gadidae

All species in the Family Gasterosteidae

All species in the Family Lotidae

All species in the Family Osmeridae

All species in the Family Pleuronectidae

All species in the Family Scophthalmidae

Ambloplites spp.

Ameiurus spp.

Ammodytes spp.

Anguilla spp.

Anoplopoma spp.

Apolodinotus spp.

Argentina spp.

Brevoortia spp.

Clupea spp. (includes herring and sprat; Sprattus spp. is synonymous with Clupea spp.; excludes Sardinella spp. and Sardina spp.)

Dorosoma spp.

Esox spp.

Fundulus spp.

Ictalurus spp.

Lepomis spp.

Merluccius spp.

Micropterus spp.

Morone spp.

Moxostoma spp.

Neogobius spp.

Notropis spp.

Paralichthys spp.

Perca spp.

Percopsis spp.

Pimephales spp.

Pomatoschistus spp.

Pomoxis spp.

Sander spp.

Sardinops spp.

Scomber spp. .........................................

Sebastes spp.

Stizostedion spp.

Trichiurus spp.

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