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Information: Secure packaging options (1.6 mm pore size mesh)

Effective 10 February 2022

To make consignments insect proof and secure, the following packaging options may be used:

  1. Integral cartons - produce may be packed in integral (fully enclosed) cartons (packages) with boxes having no ventilation holes and lids tightly fixed to the bases.
  2. Ventilation holes of cartons covered - cartons (packages) with ventilation holes must have the holes covered/sealed with a mesh/screen of no more than 1.6mm pore size and not less than 0.16 mm strand thickness. Alternatively, the vent holes could be taped over.
  3. Polythene liners - vented cartons (packages) with sealed polythene liners/bags within are acceptable (folded polythene bags are acceptable).
  4. Meshed or shrink wrapped pallets - cartons (packages) with vent holes or gaps that are packed on a pallet, must be covered or wrapped with polythene/plastic/foil sheet or mesh/screen of no more than 1.6 mm diameter pore size and not less than 0.16mm strand thickness.
  5. Produce transported in sealed container - cartons (packages) with holes as loose boxes or on pallets may be transported in sealed containers. The container must be transported to the inspection point intact.