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Permit assessment time frames for laboratory products

Effective from 22 September 2021

The department would like to provide an update on turnaround times for permit applications to import animal/human derived products that will be used in a laboratory.

As of 20 September 2021, the department is commencing assessment on most applications within ten weeks of submission.

While every effort will be made to complete the assessment of your application as quickly as possible, the time it takes for the department to assess your application may vary due to:

  • the number of products listed on your application,
  • the need for additional information,
  • redirection of departmental resources in response to managing disease outbreaks.

To help avoid unnecessary delays, we ask that permit applicants do the following:

  1. Submit permit applications early. Applying up to three months in advance of when you need the permit.
    Note: The department can forward date permits by up to three months. If we complete our assessment before your old permit expires, the department can make the start date of the new permit up to three months in the future. You must inform us if you’d like this to occur.
  2. When submitting a new application – ensure that relevant information about your goods is supplied with the application (for example: ask your manufacturer to complete the questionnaire). Ensure that if information is requested, it is provided to the department promptly.
  3. When supplying information, ensure that it meets the department’s Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy. Often delays occur because documents provided do not meet these requirements.

High priority permit applications & exceptional circumstances
The department is willing to work with permit applicants who have made a good effort to apply early. If you believe you have a high priority permit application, please let us know the reason or exceptional circumstance and whether you would like the department to consider:

  • prioritising your permit assessment, or
  • extending an existing permit’s expiry date.

Who does this alert affect:
Importers and users of animal/human derived products for laboratory use.

Further information:
If you have any questions please email or call 1800 900 090 (prompt 1, prompt 1).

This Alert applies to the following Cases:

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