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Update to approved country list for sourcing of avian fluids and tissues

Effective from 9 August 2021

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has updated the list of countries approved for avian fluids and tissues for laboratory end use.

The approved country list is referenced on active permits and in BICON pathways. The list is used where import conditions require that goods are sourced from avians which resided in countries approved for avian fluids and tissues (as listed on the department’s website) at the time of collection.

If you are an affected permit holder, the department will contact you to notify you that your permit is affected by this change and explain what this means.

The department received notification of the Republic of Ireland’s freedom from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), commencing 15 March 2021.

The Director of Biosecurity is required to act on changes to disease status in order to manage Australia’s biosecurity risk to an appropriate level of protection (ALOP).

Due to the recent change in avian disease and health status of this country, the department has updated the restrictions on the sourcing of avian materials from the previously affected country. Avian fluids and tissues can now be imported from the Republic of Ireland if they were sourced on or before 18 November 2020 and if sourced on or after 15 March 2021. These changes can be viewed on the list of countries approved for avian fluids and tissues.

Who does this alert affect:
Importers of avian fluids and tissues (and derivatives) for laboratory use and department staff.

Further information:
Please contact the department on 1800 900 090 (prompt 1, prompt 1) or via email at

This Alert applies to the following Cases: