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Plant-based products for use as animal feed, fertiliser or bait permit assessment timeframes

Effective from 16 June 2021

Who does this alert affect:
Industry stakeholders including importers, approved arrangements, freight forwarders and brokers that deal with the following plant-based commodities:

  • Stockfeed, stockfeed ingredients and stockfeed additives
  • Pet food, pet food ingredients and pet food additives
  • Aquaculture feed and aquaculture feed ingredients
  • Fertilisers and Bioremedial products
  • Baits

What has changed:
The department has received a significant increase in the number of permit applications for these products. As a result, the assessment timeframes for permit assessments and desk audits has increased.

Approximate minimum assessment times are:

  • Minimum 8 weeks for permit assessments.
  • Minimum 8 -12 weeks for desk audits.

To help avoid unnecessary delays, we suggest that permit applicants do the following:

  • When submitting a new application ensure that all relevant information requested is provided, including having your manufacturer complete the production questionnaire (this form has recently been updated, so ensure the correct form is used to prevent any unnecessary delay).
  • If you have already submitted an application and you have not provided a production questionnaire, please have the production questionnaire completed by your manufacturer and sent through BICON or
  • Where possible, we also encourage you to submit permit applications early. The department is able to forward date permits by up to three months from the date of issuance. This means that if a new permit is granted before your existing permit expires, we will make the start date of the new permit align with the expiry date of the existing permit.
  • Please note that all information supplied in support of the permit application must meet the department’s Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy. Often delays occur because documents provided do not meet these requirements.

Further information:
Enquiries regarding plant-based stock feed can be directed by email to or call 1800 900 090 (prompt 1, prompt 1).

This Alert applies to the following Cases:

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