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Alerts provide information about significant changes to import conditions. Keep informed of alerts by following individual import cases.

Approved countries for the sourcing of avian fluids and tissues

Effective from 9 September 2020

Dear importers and stakeholders,

The department would like to alert importers and stakeholders of an update to the Approved Country List for the import of avian fluids and tissues. Eighteen countries are on the approved list. Five have had the collection period restriction removed.

This list supersedes the previously approved list issued on 30 March 2020. Please note that there have been no countries removed from the approved list.

These changes are effective as of 1 September 2020.

Approved Country List

The following countries are approved for the import of avian fluids and tissues for laboratory use:

Please note: ( * ) indicates a new addition to the approved list, ( ⱡ ) indicates removal of collection period restriction.

Countries approved with restriction

The following countries are considered approved only where samples were collected after or between the specified dates.

Please note: if you have any questions about this alert or would like to update an existing active permit, please contact the department by emailing or call 1800 900 090 (prompt 1, prompt 1).

This Alert applies to the following Cases:

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