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Alerts provide information about significant changes to import conditions. Keep informed of alerts by following individual import cases.

Change to approved country list for sourcing of porcine fluids and tissues

Effective from 17 September 2020

Dear importers and stakeholders,

The department would like to alert you of an update to the Approved Country List for the import of suid (porcine) fluids and tissues.

The Approved Country List is referenced on active permits and in BICON pathways. The list is used where import conditions require goods to be sourced from porcines which resided in countries approved for porcine fluids and tissues (as listed on the department’s website) at the time of collection. These import conditions relate to the import of fluids and tissues for laboratory end use.

What’s changed?

On 11 September 2020, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (the department) received notification from the European Commission of an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the wild boar population of Germany. ASF is not present in Australia and an incursion of ASF into Australia would have a significant impact on pig health and production.

The Director of Biosecurity is required to act on changes to disease status in order to manage Australia’s biosecurity to an appropriate level of protection (ALOP). Previously, Germany was considered approved for the sourcing of porcine fluids and tissues. With regard to the recent change in disease and health status of Germany, the department no longer considers Germany as approved for the sourcing of these materials for laboratory use.

These changes are effective as of 16 September 2020.

Who does this notice affect?

Permit holders and applicants that import or intend to import suid (porcine) fluid and tissues that are sourced from Germany for laboratory use.

Please note that if your permit was granted and issued prior to 26 November 2019, your permit will not be affected.

Where can I find the list of approved countries?

The list of approved countries for the sourcing of suid (porcine) fluid and tissues is located on the departments website.

Do I need to do anything?

These changes come into effect immediately. This is because of the very high biosecurity risk posed by ASF in porcine fluids and tissues sourced from Germany.

If you are a permit holder, the department will contact you to notify you that your permit is affected by this change and explain what this means.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about this alert, please contact the department by emailing or call 1800 900 090 (prompt 1, prompt 1).

This Alert applies to the following Cases:

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