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Case Overview

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Case: Animal trophies, articles and handicraft items Effective: 05 Sep 2020 to 05 Dec 2020

Case Description

This case describes the requirements for the importation of specimens, trophies, articles and handicrafts for all uses other than as animal foods, fertilisers or for growing purposes. This includes items such as taxidermied animals, animal tissues (including fish), preserved animal bones, animal scientific specimens, rawhide musical instruments containing materials of animal origin, tanned and untanned hides and products made from tanned or untanned hides.

For the temporary import of goods for cultural performances, tours or exhibitions, please refer to the BICON case Goods for cultural performances and exhibitions.

For the import of items containing rawhide, please refer to the BICON case Goods made with rawhide.

This case applies to imports into: Australia.

Warnings and Information Notices

The commodity can be made from or decorated with material that is subject to quarantine. For example, the commodity may have the following components: drums, tanned hides, skins and/or hair, bark, wood, bamboo, grape vine, straw, raffia, banana fibre, abaca fibre, sisal fibre, animal bones, animal hair, bird feathers, rawhide and wool. Identify the component materials of the commodity and then search BICON for the specific import conditions for the material identified.


Some products may require specialised storage and/or handling.

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