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Case Overview

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Case: Seafood (excluding finfish) for human consumption Effective: 07 Jan 2021 to 05 Mar 2021

Case Description

This case describes the requirements for the importation of seafood (excluding finfish) for human consumption and human therapeutic use only. For consignments intended for uses other than human consumption or human therapeutic use, please refer to the relevant BICON cases.

Please note that this case only applies to the seafood component of composite products. If you are importing a composite product, you must search BICON for each individual ingredient to determine the conditions that apply.

This case applies to imports into: Australia.

Warnings and Information Notices

Various crustacean species are classified in generic terms that are comprised of multiple species or characteristics. Please refer to the glossary terms (e.g. Krill) for detailed definitions.


You may require a wildlife trade permit and/or other approvals from the Wildlife Trade Regulation section. More information is available on the International wildlife trade webpage.

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