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Case: Dried herbs for human consumption Effective: 28 Sep 2021 to 01 Oct 2021

Case Description

This case describes the requirements for the importation of dried herbs. Importation is permitted for human consumption and human therapeutics. This includes pods without seeds, citrus peel, leaves, flowers, stems, roots, gums, resins, rhizomes, spices and crushed nut shells that are thoroughly dried and not capable of propagation. The case does not apply to seeds, fruit or bark. For pods with permitted seed and dried fruit, please use the Dried fruit BICON case. For permitted seed, please use the Raw seed BICON case. For pods with non-permitted seed and non-permitted seed, please use the relevant seed for human consumption BICON case. For bark, please use the Bark for human consumption BICON case. For kava products, please use the Kava for human consumption BICON case.

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