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Case: Permitted plant fibres Effective: 07 Jan 2021 to 05 Feb 2021

Case Description

This case describes the requirements for the importation of the majority of articles made out of plant fibres for all uses other than as animal foods, fertilisers, landscaping or for growing.

This case includes import conditions for coir fibre liners for hanging baskets.

For coir peat and coco peat products please see the Coir peat case.

For banana fibre articles please see the Banana fibre articles case.

For articles containing flowers and foliage please see the Dried or preserved flowers and foliage case.

This case does not apply to imports for use in landscaping and weed suppression, for these imports please see the Geotextiles for bioremediation case.

This case does not apply to imports of flexible plant fibre fabrics (consisting of a network of natural fibres made through weaving, knitting, spreading, crocheting or bonding). For these imports please see the Plant based fabric, textiles or yarn case

This case applies to imports into: Australia.

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