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8 August 2020

Locating an import case using a scientific name is a 3 step process. Use the filter to find available names, select from the list and then click search.

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Import Into: Australia
8 August 2020

You may locate import cases by using at least the first 4 digits of a tariff code. Not entering the full 10 digits may return multiple results.

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8 August 2020

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Select an import item that best matches what you want to import to continue the process.

Non Commodity
Non commodity conditions apply to all packaging, containers and transport methods used to bring goods into the country. Refer to the Non Commodity case to review the non commodity conditions related to your import.

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Sawdust and woodchips

Effective 29 July 2020 to present

This case describes the requirements for the importation of sawdust and woodchips. Sawdust products include, but are not limited to, products and products containing chunks and bits of wood, wood chips, sawdust or wood powder, wood shavings, wine making oak alternatives (excluding barrels, staves and headboards). This case does not contain the conditions for briquettes and pellets made from compressed wood powder or sawdust, for these products please refer to the Charcoal, wood pellets, briquettes and firewood BICON case.

Matched Term: Sawdust, woodchips

Plant derived charcoal, wood pellets, briquettes and firewood

Effective 22 June 2020 to present

This case describes the requirements for the importation of firewood, pellets, briquettes, agglomerated logs made out of extruded, pressed and pelletised sawdust, wood powder or wood shavings. This case also applies to fully carbonised charcoal in all forms made from wood or other plant material.

Matched Term: sawdust

Packing materials and packaging of plants

Effective 25 April 2020 to present

This case describes the requirements for the importation of packing materials and packaging of plants.

Matched Term: Sawdust

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