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Case: Truffles for human consumption Effective: 28 Jul 2021 to 31 Jul 2021

This case contains a number of different import scenarios with associated import conditions. You can refine the import scenarios by answering the questions below.

Are the truffles being imported fresh, frozen or dried?

Entry is restricted to the following truffle species only:

  1. Kalapuya brunnea (synonym: Leucangium brunneum; Oregon brown truffle)

  2. Leucangium carthusianum (Oregon black truffle)

  3. Mattirolomyces terfezioides (Hungarian honey truffle)

  4. Tuber aestivum (synonym: T. uncinatum; burgundy or English truffle)

  5. Tuber borchii (synonym: T. albidum; spring white truffle or bianchetto spring truffle)

  6. Tuber gibbosum (Oregon spring white truffle)

  7. Tuber melanosporum (PĂ©rigord black truffle)

  8. Tuber magnatum (Italian white truffle)

  9. Tuber oregonense (Oregon winter white truffle).


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