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Case: Animal trophies, articles and handicraft items Effective: 02 Jul 2022 to 07 Jul 2022

This case contains a number of different import scenarios with associated import conditions. You can refine the import scenarios by answering the questions below.

Which of the following best describes the goods?

For the temporary import of goods for cultural performances, tours or exhibitions, please refer to the BICON case Goods for cultural performances and exhibitions.

For the import of items containing rawhide, please refer to the BICON case Goods made with rawhide.

For the import of non-preserved animal fluids and tissues please refer to the BICON case Animal fluids and tissues (excluding viable reproductive material).

For the import of sporting equipment and/or musical instruments that contain animal derived strings please refer to the BICON case Catgut derived from animal intestines.

Tanned hides and skins
Highly processed goods containing tanned hide  
Taxidermied, stuffed and/or mounted animals
Goods are for use or display in a museum, scientific institute or public exhibition
Animal bones, horns, antlers, tusks or teeth
Drums containing lime/alkaline treated skins
Untanned/untreated hides and skins from New Zealand
Untanned/untreated hides and skins from countries other than New Zealand

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