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Case: Machinery and equipment Effective: 01 Feb 2020 to 22 Feb 2020

This case contains a number of different import scenarios with associated import conditions. You can refine the import scenarios by answering the questions below.

Which of the following best describes the goods?

The department defines machinery or equipment that has been field-tested or factory trialled as used machinery or used equipment.

Only engines, machinery parts or vehicle parts can be classed as commercially remanufactured.

Whole pieces of machinery or vehicles can only be classed as new or used. If the consignment contains both new/commercially remanufactured and used parts, the import conditions for used parts will be utilised. If the consignment contains any used parts, please select the 'used' answer.

The classification of machinery and equipment as new or used is at the department's discretion.

Used machinery – machinery, including assembled parts that have been used in earth moving, agricultural, mining, oil-field drilling, grain-milling construction or timber felling industries that have come into contact with soil or material of plant origin. Used food processing equipment that has been in contact with cooked or uncooked plant products is to be considered as used machinery. Implements used with machinery (e.g. disc ploughs, tynes, post hole diggers, hay making equipment) are considered as machinery. Used machinery also includes goods that are not defined as used equipment but may have come in contact with other biosecurity risks during use e.g. soil.

Used Equipment – The following types of goods can be defined as used equipment; equipment that has been used for food processing and has been in contact with cooked or uncooked animal products (including butchers equipment, hatchery and egg handling equipment) and equipment that has been used with animals or animal products.

Commercially remanufactured machinery parts  
New equipment
New machinery and/or new parts
Used equipment
Used machinery and/or spare parts

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