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Case: Fertilisers Effective: 02 Jul 2022 to 05 Jul 2022

This case contains a number of different import scenarios with associated import conditions. You can refine the import scenarios by answering the questions below.

Which best describes the fertiliser product?

Fertiliser is defined as a growth enhancer, promotant or regulator that aids plant growth.

Fertiliser includes (but is not limited to):

  • Growth hormone (e.g. Gibberellic Acid)
  • Fossilised guano-based and/or rock phosphate fertiliser
  • Neem cake
  • Non-mineralised humic-based fertiliser
  • Growth media
  • Seaweed and kelp
  • Soil conditioners

Please refer to approved ingredients list the for ingredients of biological origin that do not require an import permit.

If your fertiliser product is mineralised guano and/or rock phosphate please select 'Contains only mined or chemical (natural or synthetic) ingredients'.

For purified bulk enzymes please refer to the Enzymes BICON case.

For bioremediation products please refer to the Bioremediation products BICON case.

For Baits, lures, attractants and poisons for agricultural or domestic use please refer to the Baits, lures, attractants and poisons for agricultural or domestic use BICON case.

For Herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and other goods for environmental or industrial purposes please refer to the Herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and other goods - Environmental or industrial purposes BICON case.

Contains only ingredients on the approved ingredients list
Contains any animal or microbial derived ingredients  
Contains only mined or chemical (natural or synthetic) ingredients  
Contains any plant derived ingredients  

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