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Case: Egg and egg products for human consumption Effective: 08 Aug 2022 to 01 Sep 2022

This case contains a number of different import scenarios with associated import conditions. You can refine the import scenarios by answering the questions below.

Which of the following best describes the goods?

For baked products (including mooncakes), refer to the BICON case Cooked items (biscuits, breads, pastries, cakes), uncooked cheesecakes and cooked mooncakes.

For canned or retorted egg products, refer to the BICON case Retorted goods for human consumption .

Calculating the percentage of egg in a product

Egg must be calculated by dry weight of the product. Any added water must be removed prior to calculating the percentage of egg in the product.

Formula for calculating dry weight of egg in product

Egg by dry weight = (% Egg x 100) / (100 – % Water)

Example calculation

Product contains the following ingredients (totalling 100%):

Egg 40%
Chocolate 25%
Sugar 15%
Butter 5%
Water 15%

Remove added water from product

(100-15) = 85

Egg by dry weight = (40 x 100) / 85

The percentage of egg by dry weight in the product is 47.06%

Egg products for personal use
Egg products containing less than 10% egg (by dry weight)
Egg and egg products from New Zealand
Egg white (albumen) powder
Noodles and pasta containing 10% egg or greater
Products containing 10% egg or greater, other than noodles and pasta  
Whole egg or egg yolk powder

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