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Case: Dutch elm disease host seed for sowing Effective: 23 Jun 2021 to 31 Jul 2021

Import Conditions

Import conditions define the biosecurity requirements which must be met for your import. Where import conditions have been developed, they will be listed below.

  1. Elm family (Ulmaceae) seed (Ulmus, Planera and Zelkova) is currently not permitted entry into Australian territory due to the risk of the introduction of Dutch elm disease (Ophiostoma ulmi).

  2. Warnings and Information Notices

    For importers who are interested in pursuing a further evaluation, please contact the Client Contact Group Canberra. Please note, this is not an option for plant material which has landed in Australian territory.

  3. Under the Biosecurity Charges Imposition (General) Regulation 2016 and Chapter 9, Part 2 of the Biosecurity Regulation 2016, fees are payable to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for all services. Detail on how the department applies fees and levies may be found in the Charging guidelines.

  4. In addition to the conditions for the goods being imported, non-commodity concerns must be assessed including container cleanliness, packaging and destination concerns, and may be subject to inspection and treatment on arrival. Please refer to the Non-Commodity Cargo Clearance BICON case for further information.

What happens next?

When you are importing into Australia a departmental officer will assess the risk posed by your import and determine the appropriate outcome to apply. You may use the link below to view the likely outcomes for this particular import scenario. Please be aware that the assessment conducted may result in an outcome that is not listed.

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