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Import Conditions

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Case: Khapra beetle sea container measures Effective: 25 Mar 2021 to 26 Mar 2021

Import Conditions

Import conditions define the biosecurity requirements which must be met for your import. Where import conditions have been developed, they will be listed below.

  1. The content of this BICON case is currently under development.

    The content being developed will outline import requirements for FCL/FCX containers where high-risk plant products are packed into the sea container in a khapra beetle target risk country as notified on the department's webpage: Urgent actions to protect against khapra beetle.

  2. Warnings and Information Notices

    These new import requirements will take effect from 12 April 2021 (containers exported to Australia on or after 12 April 2021).

What happens next?

When you are importing into Australia a departmental officer will assess the risk posed by your import and determine the appropriate outcome to apply. You may use the link below to view the likely outcomes for this particular import scenario. Please be aware that the assessment conducted may result in an outcome that is not listed.

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