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Case: Cooked items (biscuits, breads, pastries, cakes), uncooked cheesecakes and cooked mooncakes Effective: 19 Dec 2018 to 22 Feb 2019

Personal use — Biscuits, breads, pastries or cakes which are fully cooked (including any fillings and toppings)

Import Conditions

Import conditions define the biosecurity requirements which must be met for your import. Where import conditions have been developed, they will be listed below.

  1. A Department of Agriculture and Water Resources import permit is not required, providing that the following conditions are met.

  2. The goods must not require refrigeration.

  3. The goods must be imported for personal use.

    A consignment is considered to be imported for personal use if the goods are:

    1. up to 10 kilograms of solid food, or

    2. up to 10 litres of liquid food.

    These limits apply per passenger or consignment.

    Commercial samples (of any quantity) and goods imported in quantities greater than those listed above must be imported under the non-personal use conditions.

  4. These goods or any derivatives must not be distributed, sold or used for:

    1. animal consumption, or

    2. use as bioremedial agents or fertiliser, or

    3. growing purposes, or

    4. veterinary therapeutic use.

  5. The goods must be clearly identifiable.

What happens next?

When you are importing into Australia a departmental officer will assess the risk posed by your import and determine the appropriate outcome to apply. You may use the link below to view the likely outcomes for this particular import scenario. Please be aware that the assessment conducted may result in an outcome that is not listed.

View Onshore Outcomes

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