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Alerts and Changes provide information about notices or changes to import conditions. You can keep informed with these notices by following individual import cases.

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Notification of sheep and goat pox outbreak in Bulgaria and Greece

Effective from 20 November 2023
The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has been notified of an outbreak of sheep and goat pox in Bulgaria and Greece in 2023. Sheep and goat embryos and semen from Bulgaria and Greece will not be able to meet the following import conditi...
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Recognition of BMSB management for heat-treated and processed sawn wood from Canada

Effective from 10 November 2023
As per IIAN . The department recognises that brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) contamination is managed on consignments of sawn wood/timber that are produced through the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) between 1 December and 30 April eac...
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Development of standard permits for cured pig meat from Italy and Spain

Effective from 9 November 2023
The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is currently developing standard permits for cured pig meat from Italy and Spain, these will be introduced in late November or early December 2023. The permits will be for non-composite cured pig...
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Commencement of BPL Season 2023-2024

Effective from 7 November 2023
The Ministry of Primary Industries New Zealand (MPI NZ) has advised the department that the 2023-2024 flight season of the Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) beetle begins for all New Zealand ports as of midnight 00:01 hours (NZST) on Wednesday 8 November 2023...
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Removal of import permit requirement for dragon fruit from Viet Nam and grapefruit from Egypt

Effective from 1 November 2023
The requirement for an import permit for fresh dragon fruit grown in Viet Nam and fresh grapefruit grown in Egypt, for human consumption, will be removed from 20 November 2023. From 20 November 2023 importers will no longer need to apply for, or prese...
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Addition of new animal-based commodities onto the Compliance-Based Intervention Scheme (CBIS)

Effective from 31 October 2023
The department is incorporating new animal-based commodities onto the . This change is scheduled to take effect from 10 November 2023. The following commodities have been scoped for addition: 1. Tanned hides and skins from all countries 1.1. Elig...
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Change to AA site number for seed ISTA laboratory, AgEtal Pty Ltd in QLD Australia

Effective from 23 October 2023
This alert is to notify stakeholders of a change to the approved arrangement site number for the laboratory AgEtal Pty Ltd, which delivers seed purity testing. The department has revised the approval number for the approved arrangement number for th...
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Upcoming changes to health certification for cats and dogs exported from New Zealand to Australia

Effective from 19 October 2023
As of the 1st of November 2023, there will be two versions of health certificates which may be issued for animals exported from New Zealand to Australia: • A pre-printed export certificate (AUPET9) completed and issued by a Private Veterinarian design...
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Implementation of changes to import conditions for prawns and prawn products for human consumption

Effective from 16 October 2023
As advised on 30 August 2023, (), from 30 October 2023, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (department) will begin implementing changes to the import conditions for prawns and prawn products for human consumption. These changes are i...
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New evidence requirements for animal fluids & tissues sourced from species other than those excluded

Effective from 13 October 2023
The department has reviewed import conditions for animal fluids and tissues and has updated the import conditions for this commodity. As of 27th October 2023, the standard permit case for ‘animal fluids and tissues (excluding reproductive material) ...
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